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Use our AI chatbots to handle routine inquiries and offer quick support to customers to help your employees focus on more complex tasks.

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AI is revolutionizing the world and we want you to be a part of it. At Ikigai Automations, we believe your pharmacy can benefit massively from this new technology and we cannot wait to bring it to you!

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Our Customer Service Chatbot

Use this opportunity to implement this chatbot into your website so you can grow your business and stomp your competition.

  • We set it up for you!

  • Provide monthly maintenance and improvements!

  • The chatbot is only specific to your company and how it runs!

Chatbot Benefits

Our AI Automated Chatbot allows you and your company to be able to instantly reply to customers needing help or that have any questions about your pharmacy. Quick, easy and efficient - your customers will appreciate how simple it is to get their needs taken care of and their questions answered.

Our chatbot also gives your employees the opportunity to focus and work on more needed or complex tasks at work. Instead of having to be on the phone all day, you can reduce labor and get more done by just using AI to your advantage and curating an easy access customer service. If you don't, your competitors will!


Automated Care & Support

Quick customer service provides clients with a smooth process to get questions answered.


Reduce Calls For Employees

Your employees wont spend much time on the phone if AI can step in for them.


Focus On More Complex Tasks

With new found time, workers can focus on more important or more difficult tasks.


How exactly does the AI Chatbot work?

We use all of your personalized business data to create a specified chatbot catered to your business only. It uses the meta data of your company rather than the external data of the internet to give your customers an experience thats one of a kind.

How does an agency work?

We are a group that partners with your company to help set up, track, and walk through the AI automations process with you. Instead of having an in-house member doing it, you can have a team of experts helping you along the way

Are there other services provided?

Right now we only offer an AI customer service chatbot but we have been working on expanding our AI automations to help other workflows in your business.

Is AI going to take our jobs?

Only if you let it, AI is a great tool to help and grow your business. Lots of people have a fear of AI but it doesn't need to be feared upon because it can help you if you let it.


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